Top Ten US States with the Highest Voter Turnout

Regardless of what side of the ideological fence you’re on 2016 has voter turnout being an energizing year in American legislative issues. With Republican and Democratic chosen people hectically doing combating it out with heaps of mud throwing, divided talk, and assault promotions political movement has changed into high gear. Come November US nationals will have the chance to have their voices heard when they practice their entitlement to vote in the 2016 Presidential Election. Will history be made by the race of the principal female president or will tycoon chosen one Donald Trump interface with disappointed voters tired of the norm? What happens next is anyone’s guess however one thing’s for sure; American voters are in for a rough ride.

What is the Voter Turnout of  Minnesota

The residents of Minnesota are thought to be especially politically dynamic so it ought to shock no one that the state supports a seventy-four point five percent voter turnout rate. Maybe one purpose behind the reliably extensive turnout at the polling booth is this Midwestern state’s same-day voter enrollment law. Due to this alternative occupant who haven’t yet enrolled can do as such on decision day at their neighborhood surveying station. Throughout the years Minnesota has created various noticeable government officials including Frank Kellogg (a Republican who was chosen to the Senate in 1916), Hubert Humphrey (the 38th Vice President of the US under Lyndon Johnson), and Walter Mondale.

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What is the Voter Turnout of  Wisconsin

With a seventy-three percent of voter turnout rate Wisconsin, otherwise called the Badger State, assumes a critical part in national races in view of its status as a purported “swing” state. Truly this Midwestern state assumed an essential part in the making the Republican Party yet times are changing and lately voters in America’s Dairyland have had a tendency to be more responsive to Democratic hopefuls. In past national races Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama have all taken Wisconsin. The state is additionally the origination of Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Top Ten US States with the Highest Voter Turnout
    State Turnout
Louisiana 66.8%
Mississippi 67.3%
Massachusetts 68.2%
North Dakota 68.4%
Oregon 69.2%
Iowa 69.7%
New Hampshire 69.9%
Maine 70.9%
Wisconsin 73.1%
Minnesota 74.6%


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