Which are the Sunniest Cities in the World

Two districts overwhelm the main ten rundown of the sunniest places on the planet. Half of the ten sunniest places on record are in the American southwest conditions of Texas, Nevada and Arizona. The other sunniest district is in upper east Africa. It traverses northern Chad, northern Sudan and southern Egypt, taking in the Nile Valley and deserts toward the west.

Yuma, situated in western Arizona close to the outskirts with California and Mexico, is the main place on earth affirmed to loll in over four thousand hours of daylight a year. Out and out ninety percent of the light in Yuma is sunny.

In spite of its superb yearly aggregate of sunny hours, Yuma just tops the rundown of sunniest places for one month a year. As opposed to a spike of sunny climate for a season or 2, Yuma’s claim to sunniest spot originates from having dependably sunny climate throughout the entire year, never dropping beneath a normal 8 hours a day in any month.

Sunniest Cities

The sunniest month of all worldwide is in May at Eureka in northern Canada. The Arctic station on Ellesmere Island, midpoints sixteen point five hours of sun a day for May. That aggregate is only the brilliant daylight and doesn’t number blackout beams skimming over the skyline.

Canada’s Nunavut Territory is additionally where the most daylight happens in April. Alarm is the northernmost lasting settlement on the planet, situated at the upper east end of Ellesmere Island, only eight hundred and seventeen kilometres from the North Pole and in April has 377 sunny hours. Being so far north, every one of those hours of brilliant sun represent just fifty-five percent of Alert’s sunshine.

Top Ten Sunniest Cities in the World

City Country
Dongola Sudan
Las Vegas United States
Aswan Egypt
Phoenix United States
Yuma United States
Kharga Egypt
El Paso United States
Abu Hamed Sudan
Tucson United States



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