Which City is the Murder Capital per Capita

At the point when arranging your next trek, you might need to dodge a portion of the urban areas we’re going to say. In 2015, they positioned among the world’s most hazardous places on the premise of murder cases per capita.

Caracas, Venezuela has ascended to number one spot with one hundred and nineteen point eighty-seven homicides for every hundred thousand prevailing over San Pedro Sula in Honduras which had the top position in 2015, with one hundred and seventy-one point two killings for each hundred thousand individuals for every year except dropped to second at one hundred and eleven in 2016. The number is shockingly high in contrast with the fiercest urban communities in numerous different nations. In the United States, for instance, St. Louis, with its murder rate of fifty-nine point twenty-three for each hundred thousand is still a much more secure place to live than the world’s most hazardous city. Unlawful medication conveyance, broad neediness, and posses all consolidate to influence the living conditions in Caracas and San Pedro Sula, the make those city so famous.


In the midst of an ascent in mass killings and heightening savagery between charged posse individuals, San Salvador has practically multiplied its murder rate from sixty-one point twenty-one to one hundred and eight point fifty-four taking the third spot. August was most rough month in San Salvador, with more than nine hundred killings, including an exceptional fifty-two passings enlisted in a solitary day. The other two urban communities that entire the main five most hazardous places on the planet are Acapulco, Mexico and Maturin, Venezuela.

List of Top Ten dangerous City in the World

Number    City Country Murder Rate
1 Caracas Venezuela 110.01
2 San Padro Sula Honduras 112.02
3 San Salvador El Salvador 108.54
4 Acapulco Mexico 104.73
5 Maturin Venezuela 86.45
6 Distrito Central Honduras 73.51
7 Valencia Venezuela 72.31
8 Palmira Colombia 70.88
9 Cape Town South Africa 65.53
10 Cali Colombia 64.27

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